Create a JWT App

Create a JWT app for your organization

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Create a JWT App

In this step you will be creating a Zoom JWT app and securely sharing your API credentials with

Why we need your JWT App API Keys

If your organization will be utilizing the control panel to manage participants and cases you will need to create a single JWT application for your entire organization. We request that you send your API keys so that we can securely store your API keys encrypted in our database and use them anytime a user in your organization launches the control panel. When the control panel is launched initializes the Zoom Web SDK in "Host Assistant" mode hidden in the background. Through the control panel users can use a variety of features that require to use your JWT App API keys which include:

  • Admit a participant into a meeting

  • Put a participant into the waiting room

  • Remove a participant from the meeting


  • User creating the JWT App should use a Zoom "Admin" or "Owner" role

Creating your JWT App

  1. Go to and login using your "Admin" or "Owner" account

  2. Once logged in go to Develop > Build App

  3. Agree to Zoom's "API License and Terms of Use"

  4. Click Create under the JWT section

  5. Type in the App Name and click Create

  6. Type the Company Name, Name, and Email address and click continue. These fields can use your information or you can add our information here.

  7. Under App Credentials, you will be presented with an API Key and API Secret. For each of these fields click copy and paste them to send them

  8. Share your credentials with We recommend you meet with to come up with a way to securely send these credentials. These credentials should be shared through an encrypted medium. We recommend that you don't send these credentials through email.

We recommend the admin also modify a few Zoom settings before getting started.

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