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Automatic Zoom Meeting Management
Automatic Zoom Meeting Management
Learn how automatically manages your Zoom meetings by creating new meetings after existing meetings expire.
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TLDR / Summary creates recurring Zoom meetings every 30 days and they expire and are copied in the background automatically. There is no action on your part. You don't have to worry about these automatic changes as they will likely not impact you. The only change that you should expect on your end is the Zoom meeting ID will change every 30 days. Your registration page link will never change.


When you created an account with we created a Zoom meeting that you utilize with your account. This Zoom meeting is tied with your registration page and control panel.

Zoom meetings that are created by enable Zoom's participant registration feature which allows participants to register for your Zoom meeting. This allows us to identify participants when they step into a Zoom meeting. When enabling the participant registration feature the Zoom meeting cannot use your PMI and cannot be a "No Fixed Time recurring meeting". This means the Zoom meetings creates have to be configured for a specified period of time and have an expiration date.

How manages Zoom Meetings automatically creates a new Zoom meeting after your existing Zoom meeting expires. Zoom meetings are created as recurring meetings that repeat everyday for 30 days. The last recurring meeting is set to end during your timezone's night hours so there is no impact during your work hours. After the existing Zoom meeting expires (has its last recurrence) a new one is automatically created for you. Your Zoom meeting topic/title and your interpreters (if any are defined) are copied over to your new meeting.

No action is required from you

This process is automatic and there is no action required from you. You will be notified before this change occurs for the first time. The only change that you should expect on your end is the Zoom meeting ID will change every 30 days.

What happens to my previous Zoom meetings?

Previous Zoom meetings are not deleted and can be accessed through Zoom. Reports for previous meetings can be generated on previous meetings that creates.

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