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Participant Registration
Participant Registration

How to access and share your participant registration page

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Sharing your registration link

Participants register on your unique registration page. You can share your unique registration page with anyone you want to register and attend your meeting. Your registration link is available on the homepage.

You can copy and paste this registration link in another tab to access your registration page.

Participant Registration

Upon entering the registration page participants provide their name and Role on either the English or the Spanish page.

After a participant successfully registers they will be taken to a page where they will be given a unique link to enter your meeting waiting room.

Participant's in the control panel

After a participant accesses the waiting room you will be able to see them on the control panel.

Participants in the waiting are managed by the control panel. The participant's name selected role and noted if they registered through the Spanish page will display in the Zoom waiting Room, Zoom meeting, and control panel.

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